Everyone knows that a high-quality surgical mask is some of the best defense against COVID-19. But folks who are sight-impaired pose a good question: are there face masks for glasses wearers?

It's a common problem. Folks who wear glasses find their lenses fogging up anytime they wear a surgical mask properly. It's not too surprising. After all, when you breathe normally when wearing a surgical mask, your breath as nowhere to go but up. The hot air condenses in between your eyes and your glasses and bam, you've got foggy glasses.

Armbrust USA, a surgical mask manufacturer based in Austin, Texas understands this annoyance. It even made the wire that goes around your nose twice as thick as the competition's. It took three months of retooling, but its thicker mask wire smokes any other on the market.

The better the seal around your nose, the less likely your mask will fog up your glasses. It’s all about deflecting the heat from your mouth anywhere but up. And thankfully, the double nose wire works for many people. Many Armbrust USA customers swear by it, as the only mask they’ve tried that doesn’t fog up their lenses.

But keeping glasses from fogging up is only the beginning of what makes Armbrust USA masks so great. Each mask is FDA listed and carries ASTM Level three certification. This filters out germs, viruses, and particulate matter down to 0.1 microns. That means you'll be able to keep COVID-19 at bay, with room to spare.

Armbrust USA masks come in seven snazzy colors and it even manufactures smaller masks for smaller heads, including kids. You can nab it's celebrated surgical masks in boxes of 50, 200, 500, and even 2,000 so you'll never run out of the best in COVID-19 defense.

To learn more about face masks for glasses wearing folks or to order a box or two, visit Armbrust USA.