ITC Midwest operates nearly 6,700 circuit miles of transmission lines in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. The company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and maintains operating locations in Dubuque, Iowa City and Perry, Iowa; and Albert Lea and Lakefield, Minnesota. To date, ITC Midwest has completed 35 new generator interconnections, adding approximately 4,410 megawatts of new generating capacity to the grid – including approximately 3,700 megawatts of wind energy production capacity. Over the past decade, ITC Midwest has completed more than 530 miles of 34.5 kV to 69kV line rebuilds. This is part of ITC Midwest's continuing commitment to improve reliability of the electric transmission system and to serve the growing needs of customers in the region. These transmission line upgrades are enhancing grid efficiency, increasing the system's capacity and reducing outages with the lines built to modern construction standards. ITC Midwest is participating in four regional transmission solutions, or Multi-Value Projects (MVPs), as part of the 2011 MISO MVP portfolio designed to provide access to low-cost electricity generation, improve reliability and efficiency, and expand access to renewable energy resources throughout the Midwest. Status of ITC segments: - Cardinal-Hickory Creek project (MVP#5 connecting northeast Iowa to southwest Wisconsin) – ITC is working with other utilities to advance the project. Projected completion 2023. - MVP #4 (northern Iowa) – Completed third quarter 2019. - MVP #7 (Connecting southeast Iowa and northeast Missouri) – Completed second quarter 2019. - MVP #3 (Connecting southern Minnesota and northern Iowa) – Completed third quarter 2018. Here’s what these MVP projects are adding to the ITC Midwest system: - Approximately 300 miles of new 345 kV lines - Four major new substations - Three new interstate connections: Iowa to Minnesota, Iowa to Missouri, Iowa to Wisconsin

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