Local 234 was created in 1950 by the merger of three Locals within the State of Iowa. The current jurisdiction of Local 234 is 92 counties within the State. We are considered to be a “mixed” Local representing both Stationary and Hoisting & Portable Members. Local 234’s main office is in Des Moines and we have District offices in Cedar Rapids and Sioux City. On the Stationary side, Local 234 has a diverse Stationary Membership. It includes school, city, county, utilities, maintenance, building engineers, and manufacturing employees. This broad diversification helps to make Local 234 stable and strong. The Hoisting & Portable side covers Operating Engineers that work construction on Heavy & Highway, Building, Sewer, Utility, Cross Country Pipeline, Energy Plants, Windfarms and Heavy Industrial projects. Our Members operate too many different types of heavy equipment to list, but here’s just a few: Cranes, Dozers, Hoes, Concrete Pumpers and Sidebooms. Local 234 negotiates and bargains for conditions of employment as well as insurance and pension benefits for its Members. Members have the security of working under a Collective Bargaining Agreement, which means their job security is no longer controlled at the whim of the employer. We have an Apprenticeship & Training site that offers many different types of safety classes. This site also has an abundance of various types of heavy equipment available to our Hoisting & Portable Members to gain new operating skills. Organizing is a high priority for Local 234. We are continuing to look for organizing opportunities wherever they may be in our jurisdiction. A strong Membership is the only way a Union can survive in the long-run. Local 234 has a registered lobbyist during sessions of the Iowa General Assembly. Only by keeping a close eye on the Capitol when the Assembly is in session can we hope to protect our Membership from adverse legislation. We also work to get legislation introduced that will benefit our Membership at work and at home. Local 234 has played an active part in politics across the State of Iowa supporting Labor-friendly candidates in their elections. Whether it be city, county, state, or federal government, every vote in support of Labor is a vote in support of our causes. We also strive to keep our Membership informed on key political issues that are pending around the State. Local 234’s true strength is not the full time staff, but the dedicated Membership. We can only have strength by continued growth in Membership and participation of the Membership.

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