Mt. Pleasant has long “cried” for affordable housing...Let me introduce you to the answer. Robin Run is a Land Lease Community. Here’s how it works. Come into Davis Homes and pick out your new home (that’s right your neighbors will have new homes as well). Then pick out your nice lot where you would like to live. Stand back and watch us work. Then in no time at all you will be ready to move into a Community where the grass is mowed by US, the garbage is picked up by US (no stickers to buy), Property taxes are low (approx. $200 to $300 per year), private maintained streets, sidewalks and they lead to the Mt. Pleasant Trail System (even to East Lake Park, Industrial Park, High School and more). We have a “Guidelines for Living” that will be enforced so you don’t have to look at unsightly properties that bring values down RATHER increase your valuation by well groomed and well managed properties. Plus all the utilities are brand new and highly efficient. Our homes also come with warranties and we are close by to service anything that comes up. Garages? Yes they are available to select lots. Lawn Sheds? Yes every home with either have a Lawn Shed, a garage or even BOTH. Come in and talk to us about the opportunities that await you.