Opening in North Liberty in 2007, Sugar Bottom Bikes has quickly established itself as one of the best bike shops in the Midwest. We achieve a balance of being welcoming and supportive to beginner cyclists while offering the service, knowledge, and products that elite riders expect. Sugar Bottom Bikes hosts and supports numerous group rides, clinics, and events in the area to help promote cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly activity. Sugar Bottom Bikes supports smaller brands which gives us the freedom to stock only the products we love. With no buy-in requirements from those big bike brands we're free to sell what we love because its the best, not because we're required to order X amount of $$$ from brand Y. Although we cater heavily towards beginner and recreational cyclists, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of high end full suspension mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and fat tire bikes in the area. Stop in for a test ride or grab a demo bike and take it with you to your spot of choice. Hit up one of our group rides for a great workout or check out a clinic to learn a new skill.

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