Maintaining your inventory and managing timely and cost-effective distribution are key ingredients for a successful business. Whether you’re concerned with your bottom line, customer satisfaction, or both, you know that warehousing and distribution services directly impact your overall performance and productivity. Establishing a lasting and satisfying partnership with warehouse and distribution management companies can be challenging since you only know them by reputation until you’ve worked with them, but professional experience can be a good initial gauge. There are many warehouse and logistic companies available. Working with a reliable service provider makes all the difference. Be sure to do your homework before you settle into any agreement. Peosta Warehousing Logistics is a full-service provider of warehousing, distribution, and logistics solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we offer warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions for manufacturers and suppliers to support their business needs. We have over one million square feet of available space and facilities that provide efficient, organized, and accurate management along with a safe, clean, and secure environment. Our full range of services can be tailored to meet your needs. We’re pleased to offer logistics solutions in major cities in the Midwest, including Kansas City, MO, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Milwaukee, WI. Our prime locations increase the speed of commerce by eliminating waste and shortening lead time.

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