At Premier, we’ve been providing electric fencing and electric netting, sheep and goat supplies, clippers and shearers, ear tags, poultry products and expert advice for 40 years. My wife and I both grew up on small (by today’s standards) Iowa farms. Our parents had gardens, chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. My father switched to "organic" in the 1950s—40 years before "organic" was either popular or profitable. I spent my last two college years in England. After graduation (1969), I managed the college’s organic farm. We raised beef and dairy cattle, chickens, (as many as 1,200 hens), sheep, vegetables and soft fruit for the college’s kitchen. In 1977, I returned from England to the small Iowa family farm and decided to raise commercial lambs. To my surprise I found that the excellent equipment I had used in England wasn’t available in the USA. So we imported enough for our own use. Word spread. Soon we were supplying products nationwide. It’s now a business with over 50 employees.