SEIRPC is a public, non-for-profit entity established in 1973 by Des Moines, Henry, Lee and Louisa counties and recognized in Iowa Code Chapter 28H as one of 17 Councils of Governments in Iowa. SEIRPC was established to provide southeast Iowa with services individual government entities couldn’t provide on their own. Governance is provided by a 19-member board of directors from the private and public sectors. Local governments are voluntary members who pay annual dues to the organization to match planning grants and receive discounted and priority services. Operations are managed and implemented by a professional staff, led by an executive director. Activities can be divided into two categories: Program management and consultative services. Regional programs managed by SEIRPC include: SEIBUS, Great River Housing Trust Fund, Region 16 Transportation Planning Affiliate, Revolving Loan Funds and US EDA Economic Development District. Consultative services include: Planning, grant writing, grant administration, technical assistance and all other matters. Quite simply, SEIRPC exists to “Strengthen Southeast Iowa”.

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