Vertical Till Injector LLC is more than just a manure injection equipment company. We are the relationships that we have built over the years and the name that we have created in the farming community. We are committed to manufacturing equipment that is not only a simple design, yet it is durable and extremely low maintenance. VTI is built upon Phil Reed’s dream to provide equipment that is more than a concept illustrated on a piece of paper, but something that has been hand developed by a farmer, through 35 years of trial and error with his very own manure hauling business. Quality craftsmanship, efficient design, unsurpassed customer service, and experience are some of the core values of VTI. We have earned a reputation that we are proud of. Whether you are a farmer looking for a single piece of our equipment, a custom hauler looking for an entire system, or a distributor looking for a quality line of manure injection products, we are confident you will agree that we take care of our people. We will not settle for more to give you less. Our equipment is built to last you a lifetime and provide the absolute highest efficiency in application.